Ricardo Kalaidjian



The next stop on my trip was the beautiful city of Florence in the Western coast of Italy.

With no set engagements this time, I had more time to go out and shoot. My current job doesn’t allow me much free time to shoot as I used to, so travelling is one of the only times when I can really go out with a camera for hours on end.


Florence is the capital of the Italian Tuscan region, and it is truly one of the most beautiful cities I have ever been to. It is probably as close as you can get to being thrust into the middle of the renaissance.

The biggest tourist attraction of the city is surely the Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore (also known as the Florence Cathedral or simply The Duomo) a 13th century basilica designed by the famed architect Filippo Brunelleschi.


The sheer size of this church is incredible by itself, with its massive dome sitting atop it, but the marble inlay that envelops each facet of the outer wall makes it completely overwhelming.


I made sure to climb the 414 steps up the bell tower, and the view was surely worth it. As you can see, it is possible to climb the dome itself, but I thought it best to climb the bell tower, since that way you can see the dome along with the landscape.

Incredibly, the inside of the dome is no less beautiful, depicting the last judgement, and painted al fresco by Giorgio Vasari and Federico Zuccari in the late 1500’s it is easy to lose track of time while looking up into this intricately painted masterpiece


Obviously, Florence is more than just the Duomo, my favorite part of photographing the city was getting lost in its winding streets, all painted in the traditional Tuscan colors that seem not to have changed in the last 400 years

The more I use my Leicas the more I become convinced that they are the perfect all-around camera. At first I was going to bring my Point’n’shoot but I’m glad I didn’t. The Leica is so easy to use and at the same time gives you so much control over the exposure and composition, I don’t think I’ll ever need to buy another camera (although we all know how that goes).

Between the M6 and the MP, the difference is very small, the MP is more well built and inspires more confidence, if I could only have one that’s the one I would take, but the M6 doesn’t leave much to be desired.

Next week I’ll be back with a new post about the third city on my trip, if you have any questions or comments be sure to leave them below,