Ricardo Kalaidjian


No. 33 US OPEN

I've found myself at a crossroads. 

On the one hand I've been keeping my promise of shooting films I'm not used to

On the other.. I went to the US Open and I really want to talk about it! 


So yeah, sorry about that, the Kodak Ultramax 400 review is all ready to go but you'll have to wait one more week for it

There are few things I like more than going to sporting events. It's funny too because growing up I never really liked sports that much. I went to "The Open" last year too, but this time I got to see not one but two of the greatest tennis players of ALL TIME.


One is the number one ranked player and defending champion (up until his injury yesterday) Rafael Nadal. It was awesome to watch someone play who you grew up seeing on the TV. Besides, just being in Arthur Ashe Stadium is worth it by itself. 


Once again I took both my cameras and I'm really glad I did, it would be impossible to capture the size of the stadium with just the 50, but the 28 would be too wide to see the players in any detail, so I brought both :)

The Klasse W (28mm) was loaded with Portra 400, and the MP (50mm) with Ektar, both performed beautifully as always. In a couple of shots (below) I think I pushed these films to their exposure latitude maximum, really comes back to the differences between these films I talked about in the Kodak post

After shooting so many budget films for the last few weeks I was almost shocked to return to the pro line. It's not that the cheaper films are bad by any means. Its just that they lack the personality that the more expensive films have, and end up looking more-or-less the same.


One of the next projects we're going to embark on will be a survey of B&W films just like we did with color, but I have a sneaking suspicion that the difference between the more expensive/cheaper films will be bigger in color than B&W.. Kodak Gold just can't hold a candle to Portra/Ektar colors. 


The difference in raw resolution is noticeable too, but this starts to involve lenses, bodies, shutter speeds, and the photographer, and many other factors. Also, if like me you found Portra way granier than Ektar, don't forget it's also two steps faster, Portra 160 would be a fairer comparison (that review is on its way too). 

As you may have noticed, I also got to see the greatest female tennis player (athlete?) of all time, Serena Williams play a match. I bought these tickets months ago and had no idea who the matches where going to be, so I can fairly say I lucked out big time. Last year I saw Del Potro (#3 in the world) who is facing against Djokovic in tomorrow's final. 


I really look forward to returning next year, maybe I'll even have a new camera to bring ;P

What are some of your favorite sporting events to attend? 

Talk to you soon!