Ricardo Kalaidjian


No. 35 LEICA M6

So I did a thing.

A few weeks ago I was prowling ebay (as you do) and I came across this beautiful M6, used obviously, but still with the box, going for less than half of what its worth nowadays.


So now its sitting at my desk.

I had been on the market for a second M body for a while, but I never thought it would be an M6. My plan was to get an M4 or maybe an M3, but I couldn’t say no to an M6 for basically the same price.


There is, however, no proverbial free lunch as I’m sure we all know. This particular body has the 35 frame-lines stuck.. (a common problem I’m told) I’m fine with it for now, as I bought it to shoot my 35 Summilux, but I’ve spoken to Youxin-ye and apparently its a quick and easy fix. Regardless, I will send it to him for a full CLA soon.


So how does it compare to the MP?

I’ll try to be as objective as possible

1. Lets not waste any time: they make the same image. As far as image quality is concerned they are the same camera

2. The MP is built like an outhouse. The M6 is zinc and feels cheap compared to the brass MP. They are both incredibly beautiful, aesthetics are subjective, but in terms of which one is tougher the MP wins.


3. Functionality. I’m going to give this one a tie. The M6 is lighter, has a much faster rewind system, the advance lever is just as good as the solid one (at least I like it so far). The MP has a MUCH better viewfinder. The M6 finder is just not as contrast-y and I’ve had the flare/whiteout problem when shooting against the light a few times already. If it weren’t for the fact that you can upgrade the M6 finder I would have to give it to the MP


It’s a Leica, there’s not much more to say. It does exactly what is required and nothing more. I’ve shot many cameras over the years but nothing compares to shooting a range-finder, and this is one of the greatest ones ever

The real reason why I bought this camera was because I had two lenses sitting at home and only one body to use them with. I hate the thought of buying things and not using them. If you use the things you buy, then they’re always worth the money. Besides, this thing sees in the dark!!

I played it safe while testing out the M6, loaded one roll of Ektar 100 and went to some places I know well, that way I can compare with previous shots I have and see if the body is up to spec


I’m not going to lie, when I bough the camera I saw it as an investment oportunity, buy it cheap, fix it up, use it for a few months, and sell it for a profit. But that ship sailed the moment I started shooting. I was worried that I would be feeling a downgrade but both are fantastic cameras, no complaints at all.


With the upgraded finder the M6 becomes basically an MP lite, I’m still debating whether I think its worth it, I’ll probably wait another few months and see how much it bothers me

In the mean time, I have a whole bunch of Ilford film that I bought yesterday waiting to be shot, so keep an eye out for that!

Anyone buy a new camera recently? I would love to hear about it!

Have a great weekend!