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Back to our regularly scheduled programing.

This week I loaded UltraMax 400 in my Leica and the results surprised me, after the disappointing Gold 200 I was fearing this would be more of the same but the 400 budget option from Kodak is thankfully really good.


Once again, the colors of this film are more neutral than Portra/Ektar but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. In terms of resolution, the grain isn’t as fine as in Portra 400, but I like this grain structure myself


I walked around the West Village for the majority of this roll, a neighborhood I am not that familiar with, but it had lots of interesting buildings and corners


If I were to compare this to Fujifilm Superia 400.. I think they’re pretty similar, the UltraMax looks a bit more like Portra 400 in terms of color to my eye but I really haven’t spent that much time with either to make too many comparisons. I look forward to shooting them both in the future


I saw the MOST beautiful Mustang on the street the other day just parked in a corner but I didn’t have my camera :(

Isn’t that the worst feeling?


It helps to have a beautiful sunny day like the one I shot this roll with, but as you can see, it holds great detail in the shadows, something budget films usually struggle with

I ended up in Soho, which deserves a post on its own, but that will have to wait for a while, I was thinking we could do a survey of B&W films next, let me know what you think

So thats this weeks post, I’ve been running into a lot of technical difficulties recently (ie my computer dying) so bear with me as I traverse the treacherous waters of technology (do they make analog computers?)

Have a great weekend everyone!


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