Ricardo Kalaidjian




I'm trying to break the endless cycle of Portra and Ektar I've been stuck in lately. This used to be an even bigger problem when I was shooting with one camera only, now that I have the Klasse W I can at least have two different emulsions on at once. 


For the next few weeks, my plan is to shoot a film I've never shot before every week until I either run out of stocks (unlikely) or get bored (extremely likely). This week's lucky winner is Cinestill 50D. 

These Cinestill films leave me somewhat perplexed. On the one hand I really want to like them, they have really nice colors, resolution. On the other hand, they are much more expensive, harder to find, and they market this as a Daylight balanced film, but just like the 800T, i found it has a really prominent blue-cast.

There is a lot to like in both these films, but they are very different from the usual C-41 offerings I had been accustomed to from Kodak, Fuji, etc. One major difference I noticed was that both Cinestill films are very sensitive to over-exposure (think digital blow-out) but retain great details in the shadows.


If you're able to tame the highlights, Cinestill 50D really delivers a cinematic look. I just love low-speed color-negative film.


So thats the plan, for the next few weeks I will be trying out some films I haven't shot before, I'm excited to see especially how the "budget" films compare with the "pro" line in each company, I guess we'll find out together!

Have any of you tried the Cinestill films before? I would love to hear your experiences through the comments below! 

Talk to you next week,