Ricardo Kalaidjian



I bought a new camera.

I wasn't planning on it, but I found a good deal on a pretty cool camera so I pulled the trigger. Its a Fujifilm Klasse W. It was made only for two years between 2007-2009, so there aren't that many of them out there, but it was exactly what I wanted. 

I like point-and-shoots to have wide lenses (this one's a 28) I really like that little exposure compensation dial on the front (I tend to disagree with camera meters) 


The Fujifilm is like cross between a Ricoh GR and a Contax T2, I've only put a few rolls through it but I really like it so far! One of those rolls was a Cinestill 800T, it was the first time I ever shot that film, so here are the results


I took these on the 4th of July, took the ferry from Williamsburg to Manhattan, cheap and great views of the city

The Cinestill is Tungsten balanced, which means that its going to have a bluish hue under sunlight unless you compensate for that with a filter. With the point-n-shoot thats clearly not going to work, but I really like the film as is! I'll have to try to shoot it with my Leica and a warming filter some time to see if I like the results.


The ferry got off near the Financial District, so that was my next stop


The tight streets of FiDi are just perfect for wide angle lenses

There's going to be a lot more distortion than a 50, which is damn near perfect, but its worth it for these incredibly dramatic angles you're able to get. Different tools for different moments obviously, but I have to say its refreshing to just point and press the shutter and basically let the camera do (most) of the work

I really love how this film came out, the bluish hue doesn't bother me at all, I can see why they call it a "cine" film, it definetly looks completely different from the usual Kodak/Fujifilm offerings

Overall I'm really happy with my recent purchases 👍

Have you been shooting with any new piece of gear lately? I would love to hear about it!

Talk to you guys soon,