Ricardo Kalaidjian



This has to be one of my favorite combinations. The 100 film is perfect to pair with the 50 1.4 on sunny days, allowing you to shoot wide open at 1000sec


If bokeh is not your thing, you can always stop down the lens, and add some more movement to the image, I tend to shoot at around 5.6-11


I love the way Acros render whites, as you can see in the image above, they glow in a way that I haven't found in Tri-X or HP-5


Going indoors is no problem for a lens this fast, seeing as it is tack sharp as of 2.0


The Acros luminosity compliments the Summilux rendering really well, the minimal grain and smooth transitions from light to dark that give it that unmistakeable film look

If you put on a ND filter on the lens you can take the film to ISO 25 or lower, and get some really cool long exposures. Acros is known for having the best reciprocity failure of any film if I remember correctly, meaning you wont have to account for the film failing at longer exposures


In case you haven't heard me complaining about this before, this wonderful film has its days numbered, if you're still able to find it at a reasonable price I say get yourself a couple of rolls at least. Get it before someone like me finds it and buys it all haha.

This was a fun one (for me at least) what is your favorite film/lens combination? let me know in the comments!

Talk to you next week :)