Ricardo Kalaidjian


No. 25 EKTAR

For the amount of Portra I shoot you would think that I have had my share of experiences shooting Ektar. You'd be wrong. 


When I first started shooting film I was enamored with the pastel tones of Portra. It was nothing like I had ever seen in digital, where it seems like most cameras are going to try to push a lot of contrast and saturation into your image wether you like it or not. 

When I exhausted my desire to see muted shades everywhere I jumped straight to Slide film, which has those punchy colors and ridiculous resolution we all know and love, but brought with it a really tight exposure that loves to blow out highlights (my biggest pet-peeve in photography)


I kept reading that it really saturates reds and makes people look pink, as a film noob this scared me away from Ektar for way too long, I maybe shot two rolls of it in the 3 years I have been shooting film.

Well I was missing out, big time. Ektar gives you the best of both worlds (if you're going for color/saturation). It has the exposure latitude of C-41 with the colors and resolution of E-6. It's true that it will push the reds farther than other colors, so keep that in mind when shooting. It also wouldn't be my first choice for portraits (there's Portra for that duh)

The resolution and grain (or lack thereof) you get with Ektar is the best I have seen in a negative film. 


If you're going for a "film look" (whatever that means) Ektar is probably going to disappoint you somewhat, it is so clean that it could easily be mistaken for digital. But its resolution and latitude exposure is perfect for when you want to shoot Slide film but lighting is less than optimal. 


I still have a lot to experiment with this emulsion, I'm really curious to see how it pushes, if Kodak's reputation holds true it should pass with flying colors. 


I shot this particular roll of Ektar on my new Fujifilm Klasse W, check out my previous post for more of my thoughts on that camera! 

As always, feel free to comment and leave any feedback or questions you may have!

Have a great weekend everyone, and maybe try a film you have never shot before, it just might surprise you