Ricardo Kalaidjian



There are times when Math and Photography are good friends. This was not one of them. I was trying to calculate how much each shot of this roll cost me and it wasn't cheap. Each roll of FPP IR film goes for 40$, Processing and Scanning are 20$, and I bracketed all my shots so out of 24 frames I got about 7 shots.. thats almost 10$ per image!!

I think its worth it though :)

FPP recommends a yellow filter to achieve this effect, but I used the orange one that I usually use to increase contrast in BW and it turned out great. 

Now that I know how to expose this film I bought another two rolls from FPP, I wont have to bracket this time so I'll get all 24 shots, but Im going to wait until I go somewhere more interesting than Central Park. I'll see if I can make it to a National Park before the weather gets cold this year


Its incredible how this film was sensitive to over/under-exposure, a lot more than even most E6 films. I never had a chance to shoot Kodak Aerochrome but from what I've been able to tell they look pretty similar. 

For my first time shooting IR I chose to stick to foliage as I know that is the primary use of this film, but I would love to experiment shooting different subjects. My main source of inspiration for this project was Richard Mosse's IR shots of Africa, if you haven't seen them go check it out!


I'll see what other crazy experiment I can try for next week, with the double exposures from last week this is quickly becoming the "Experimental Photography Blog" lol

Talk to you guys next week!