Ricardo Kalaidjian


No. 23 FIRE!

I was sitting in my apartment the other day, doing something or another (blinds closed) when I notice that I'm hearing more sirens than usual. I live in the heart of the city so this is nothing new, but then I start smelling smoke. When I open the blinds this is what I find


Turns out the building across the street was actually on fire


My Leica lives near the window most of the time so I quickly snapped some shots before having to close the glass because the smell was so strong. 


I don't know exactly what happened, but I think an upper floor apartment on the other side of the building caught fire and it spread to other units. Don't worry, nobody got hurt. 

I had to leave my apartment because it felt like I was smoking a pack of cigarettes just standing there. Besides, I wanted to get a closer look

I had a roll of Acros with a few shots left when I went outside, so I took a roll of Portra 800 to get the other end of the spectrum

Turns out I wasn't the only one who thought of taking pictures


But there was more than enough action for everyone, including the news guys with their giant broadcast cameras

There were firetrucks everywhere, I didn't count but I would say at least 12 or 15, though only one of them had the ladder up. I've always wondered how often they get to use that. I know I hear them blaring down 7th Ave often enough. Are they always fighting fires? I have so many questions

This week we returned (partly because of circumstance) back into the world of documentary photography! Who's as excited as I am??

Alternative processes are GREAT, I really do love them, but I'm going back to my roots for a while.

Got some cool stuff planned for next week (including some new gear)

Talk to you then!!