Ricardo Kalaidjian



Another week, another crazy non-traditional method in the analog photography blog

I don't know what to tell you, I guess I've been in an experimental mood lately

If you haven't guessed it already, the topic of this week's post is composites

Now none of these were shot with the intention of being stitched together, but I tend to shoot multiple options of the same shot so it wasn't difficult to come up with similarly framed images

All of these were created from two images only. You can see for yourself how it would be possible to shoot more and fill in the gaps in the composition


I edited the images together in Photoshop, I made no attempt to create entirely realistic images, just aligned them as best I could

I had fun coming up with these composites on photoshop. Going through your catalog with a specific goal in mind can be a really refreshing excercise some times. 

Next time I'm out shooting I'll make sure to organize some new composites, this time I'll be planning them ahead of time, I'm curious to see how that effects the images.

I guess we'll find out together

What have you been shooting? Any crazy new methods? I love those. Tell me about them in the comments

Otherwise, talk to you next week!