Ricardo Kalaidjian



Accidents will happen. 

Most of the time when things go horribly off-script I find that the results are much better and more interesting than anything I could have possibly planned. 

One of my favorite types of "accidents" are "first of the roll" shots. When loading film into a fully manual camera like mine, it is possible to expose the first frame partially outside the film emulsion, this leads to interesting shots where part of the frame is cut-off.

I actually try to make this happen every time I load a roll but it rarely works out. I'm sure there must be a more reliable way of achieving this effect, if you know one let me know! 

I'm usually pretty good at exposing my shots correctly. Part of that is working with the same camera for a long time, so I know when the meter is lying to me. The most common mistake that used to happen to me was metering for a very dark or light spot on the frame and extremely over or under-exposing the rest of the shot.

I'm gonna spare you the pitch black shots this usually produces, but as you can see it can sometimes work


Another one of the most common accidents that used to happen to me more often than I would like to admit is opening the back of the camera with film still loaded. This is a classic one that I think most people who have shot analog have done at one point or another. It depends on how much of the film was exposed to the light but in some cases you can get workable and even cool results!

One "accident" that has only happened to me once, but is probably my favorite is when the last frame of the roll gets mis-exposed and leads to a weird effect

This is one case where I like the accident a lot more than the "correct" exposures

Finally, there are some times when it just isn't your fault. 

I don't want to throw these guys under the bus because I have only shot one roll of theirs but I bought a film from the Film Photography Project and about 1/3 of it had some weird chroma/emulsion that severely affected the shots.


So those are the screw-ups I found in my lightroom after a quick glance. Don't worry there are plenty more in there these are just some that I thought turned out interesting.

I was thinking of doing a gear review of one of my cameras or lenses in the next post, we'll see!

Talk to you Thursday,