Ricardo Kalaidjian



Like many film shooters I'm very particular about firing a shot. Many times I'll cary my camera around for a day and not shoot a single frame.

So when I do run into something worth shooting I make the most of it. I don't really bracket my shots exposure wise, but its great to have a few different options at hand in case one does not come out as planned. 

A part of film photography people don't usually talk about is shot management. What I mean by that is how aware are you of where you are in the roll, what film you need to load next (especially important if you only have one body) and how long a roll change will take you. 

When you're out shooting documentary-style photography all of these things become hugely important. Can you imagine thinking about changing a roll while storming the beaches of Normandy? Yeah, me neither 

If you've been here before you've probably noticed my proclivity to shoot portrait mode, well this great corner I found in the Financial District was no exception. I was using my Leica with the 35mm Summilux 1.4 and Portra 400

I was really pleased with how this series came out, and I'm glad I took as many shots as I did! 

Thats all I've got for today folks,

I just caved and shot two rolls of Acros from my stash (I don't see it lasting very long) so I'm gonna be on the prowl for more of those! (I've got some ideas but I wont share them with you ;) 

Have a great weekend everyone!