Ricardo Kalaidjian



Recently I went to the MET with my Leica, the 50, and two rolls of Provia 100f. I had this idea of using the Greek and Roman statues there as subjects of double exposures. 


I shot the entire roll under-exposed by one shot, then rewound it and shot it again. The exposures were shockingly accurate, I was expecting to blow highlights all over the place but that wasn't the case thankfully. 

The problem with shooting double exposures this way is you have no idea what you're shooting onto. On my first roll the frames from the second exposure were mis-aligned with the ones from the first one. On the second roll they were perfectly aligned.


I like the mis-aligned version better because of the continuous flow of the pictures, but they both work in different ways

I was worried about shooting some of the shots in 1.4 because I wasn't sure how the bokeh from one shot would interact with the other, however that didn't seem to have as big an impact as I anticipated

I really liked shooting this way, it was fun shooting knowing that I was going to double-expose the shots because I took pictures I normally wouldn't have. When you're out shooting with a specific purpose it's a different feeling in general

I'm going to repeat this technique with some actual live humans next time! 

If you've been following for a while you may have noticed that I have changed my posts to once a week, I'm aiming for Thursdays

Talk to you later!