Ricardo Kalaidjian


No. 17 MoMA

I like going to museums. And I've been going a lot recently. 

In New York City there's no shortage of galleries and exhibitions to attend, photography or otherwise. 

The MoMA is definitely the museum I've been to the most over the years. When I didn't live here it was always a place I would be sure to visit whenever I was in New York. 


I'm still getting used to shooting the 50 and I thought that MoMA would be a good place to explore different compositions. 

When shooting landscapes, street photography, or any other genre, it is easy to get stuck in the same habits and shooting styles. 

I like going to places with interesting architecture such as MoMA (and many other museums) to practice unusual compositions

While you're there you can probably learn a thing or two about composition from Van Gogh and his friends if you're so inclined


I didn't anticipate much of a shift going from shooting primarily 35 to 50 but I have to admit there has been somewhat of a learning curve. I was so comfortable with the 35 that I can honestly say I never missed a shot. In my first few rolls with the 50 I've missed plenty. Mostly not nailing focus while shooting in the street wide open. With the 1.4 it can be a real challenge! But I know its just a matter of time and muscle memory. It takes a good while for me to become comfortable with a new piece of equipment (+ I don't like change).

It was a lot of fun shooting at the MoMA, today I spent the morning shooting at the MET, you'll probably see those shots next week

Here are some bonus pictures from The Broad from my trip to LA,

Have a great rest of your weekend!