Ricardo Kalaidjian



I bought tickets to go see the Celtics play the Cavaliers for the Eastern Conference Final on Sunday.

So that means I'll be going up to Boston and I though it would be appropriate to post some pictures from my trip to Ireland from a couple of years ago, because you know, why not?


Yes it really is as green as you think. No it did not rain for the entire time (only most of it). And yes they drink a lot of Guinness and it's way better than the Guinness you and I drink

I was in Dublin for only a short time but I visited Trinity College and Francis Bacon's studio (he is one of my favorites)

Dublin is an incredibly beautiful city, and it was the first stop on my trip. The second part of my Irish adventure was going to the Cliffs of Moher in the western side of the island. Its a completely awe-inspiring sight, and totally different from other landscapes I've been to, it feels like its going to stretch out into the ocean forever.

I hope to return to Ireland soon, I always feel like I should have taken more pictures whenever I travel no matter how many rolls I shoot

Thats it for this week, sorry for being late today, its been a crazy week!

I said that last week too right?

They're all crazy.


Talk to you next week!

and Go Celtics!!!