Ricardo Kalaidjian



It's technically still Monday so I'm not late. 

It's been crazy busy last few days, and it doesn't look like I'll catch a break any time soon. You don't care about that though, you're here for the pictures!

Lets get to it then

  Slide film and Leica Summilux lenses are almost an unfair combination

If you're shooting Color Negative film it is a safe bet to err on the side of over-exposure. Something like Potra will easily handle 4+ stops of over-exposure, some people over-expose it on purpose (I don't) 

E6 is different though. It is really easy to completely blow a highlight, so I tend to err on the side of under-exposure. Not too much or the whole scene will go to black, but it can be used for artistic effect.


It can be a challenge to use Slide film for street photography, I find it  works better when you look for colorful, but relatively low contrast scenes


E6 really shines for landscapes, but I like to use it any time there is enough light!

I bought some Velvia 50 which I am excited to shoot, and I'm still patiently waiting any news from Kodak about Ektachrome

I promise I'll change it up with the next post, I've been really swamped!!

Talk to you Thursday,



P.S. I attached a bonus picture of my friends cat me as an excuse for the short post (he really didn't like me)