Ricardo Kalaidjian



I went on a trip through Scandinavia almost exactly two years ago. We actually started in Ireland and Scotland, then went to Sweden, Norway and Denmark. It was an incredible trip, but my favorite place was probably Bergen, Norway. Talk about landscapes. 

I like shooting landscapes in low-speed Black and White film, and I printed most of these in the darkroom. 

Its really hard to capture the magnitude of the mountains and valleys of Northern Norway. The sun barely sets which takes some getting used to but its an insanely beautiful place.

Thankfully I had a second body on me and shot slides on my Hasselblad (I wasn't about to leave this place with only BW)

Hope you guys liked the posts this week, as always I'm open to any and all suggestions you may have!

The weather is much nicer in New York City and I look forward to a lot more shooting in the coming months! I may even be going to Europe at some point but that remains to be seen

Anyway, talk to you next week,