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Man do I love bridges. 

They're probably my favorite structure to photograph. 

A picture with a bridge will almost inevitably have interesting composition, wether its the long pink cage of the Williamsburg Bridge or the red steel of the Golden Gate (I thought it was iron too, go figure).

San Francisco is an awesome place. 

It rained constantly the first day I was there but the sun broke through for a few hours before I had to leave on the second day (I was told by a local this is a rare occurrence)  

It can be tough traveling with film because you encounter so many different lighting situations. If like me you're only traveling with one camera, I always think it's good to load it with a medium-speed color film with good exposure latitude. I like to keep my shutter speeds as high as possible (500 or 1000) with a relatively closed aperture (8), so I'll push 1 stop if I have to.  

I don't know what it is about the Northwest that makes people cook so well. But the food is always amazing. We had dinner at a Hawaiian place.

I hate to reduce an entire city to one movie but I couldn't stop thinking Vertigo while I was there. 


I think Mrs. Doubtfire is also set here.

Those are two equally excellent films don't you think?

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