Ricardo Kalaidjian


No. 2 FILM

This is either the hardest or easiest decision I make when I'm going out to shoot. 

I get why it can be daunting. By loading that film you're committing 36 frames, plus the cost/time of development, scanning, printing, etc. It can be a lot. 

So what I do is I choose one film I like and stick to it. That makes my decision much easier. 

But I break this rule all the time. 

I've been shooting a ton of Portra 400. Its my favorite color film. I just took a week-long trip through California and shot 11 rolls of it. I took other films but didn't shoot any of them.

I get obsessed with a look and then I'll hate it soon enough. I wonder what the next one will be.


Black and White is different.

Thats all I shot when I first started on film because I was printing it in the darkroom. 

I shot Tri-X, HP5, Delta, all of them

When you're printing in the darkroom and you look under the microscope you can really see how the grain structure of these films affects the image in a way that isn't really that apparent on a screen. 

Maybe for this reason my favorite B&W film is Neopan Acros 100

When it came to sharpness, contrast, and resolution the faster films couldn't compare with the slower pan-chromatic film. (If they discontinue this like I've been hearing I'm going to be pissed) 


I'll buy a roll of different films and try them from time to time, I recently bought an infrared film that I'm saving for the spring/summer

I'm patiently waiting for Kodak to release Ektachrome. Seriously. Can we get an update?

I do love Provia though. 


I'd love to hear what you're shooting, leave a comment below if you want

Talk to you soon,