Ricardo Kalaidjian



I went to Canada last week for Thanksgiving, because thats where you go to to celebrate the most American holiday ever right?

In case you didn’t realize, Canada is cold


(Did you know that its named that because of Mt. Royal) (I didn’t)

I thought I knew what I was getting into but holy f*ck it was cold. -20 Celsius which is like -4 for our turkey eating friends


The snow really adds a different dimension to photography, one of them is practical, its much harder to use your hands to actually use a camera when its that cold. For that reason I took my point-n-shoot. I wasn’t about to try to focus a rangefinder at -20 thanks very much


Since I was going with the Fujifilm I thought it would be appropriate to load it with some Fujifilm Pro 400H, Fujifilm’s answer to Portra 400

It’s not exactly Portra but its the closest I’ve seen


The snow is probably one of the hardest places to shoot in, just because its going to mess with your exposure so much. If you expose for the shadows that snow is going to be completely blown

There’s no clear answer, but in the image above I probably should have over exposed it a bit more to keep the buildings from going green


I love these really dark ones, I always mention how I like to under-expose film and this is why. When I see people recommending over-exposing Portra at least 2 stops I throw up a bit in my mouth


I’ve been thinking recently about how our tastes evolve the longer we follow or practice something. I don’t think I would like the above photo at all when I was starting but its probably one of my favorites now. I guess you get tired of seeing technically “good” photos after a while and your brain wants something else


These pictures don’t do justice to how beautiful the Montreal is, I was only there for a couple of days so I wasn’t able to explore as much as I wanted but I look forward to returning soon (in the summer)


I’m back in NYC now and continuing to shoot the Fujifilm (its so easy) this time with Ektachrome though, really excited to see the results

Do any of you have multiple cameras? How do you choose between them?

Leave me a comment bellow!

And thanks to all Canadians who suffered through my butchering the French language, you are appreciated,