Ricardo Kalaidjian


No. 43 FALL

I apologize in advanced if you’re sick and tired of the orange onslaught that has overtaken Instagram recently.

I know I am

You can see why though, New York, and the entire East Coast is most beautiful this time of year


I was shooting one of my favorite color films on this day (Portra 800) and the saturation of the film really shines with the different hues of red, orange and purple.

These images above really show how important getting the correct exposure is, you can see how much more the colors pop when the film is not under-exposed in the shadows.

I’m always talking about how I like to under-expose film, but you have to pick your battles. Since these landscapes are so much Sky/Water its more than likely going to throw the meter off and you will end up with really dark trees


I think it works really well to leave the colors more muted in a dramatic shot such as this one, but I kind of wish I had bracketed this shot so I could see it with the colors..

I haven’t talked much about bracketing in the blog but its something I find very important. When I was first starting out I would bracket any shot I thought was interesting compostitionally

(Bracketing means taking one shot at the correct exposure, one shot under exposed by one stop, and one stop over exposed by one stop)


This not only allows you to find the “correct” exposure but is really useful in learning what different films look like in different conditions

I remember when I shot the infrared roll i bracketed every shot and ended up with 1/3 of the roll correctly exposed, thats better than ruining the whole thing, if you miss the exposure, especially when metering for IR light.


If you haven’t already figured it out, this roll was shot in the most photographed location on earth!

Central Park is great to photograph no matter the season, and I like the in-between stages when only a few trees stand out from the rest


I don’t know whats going to happen for next week. Make sure to follow me on Instagram (@ricardokf) if you want to get the inside scoop.

What is your favorite season to shoot in?

I love the fall colors but it reminds me of the cold thats to come.. (lets not talk about it)

Have a great weekend everyone,