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I went to the Cloisters a few weeks back but it feels like a lifetime ago now

I remember being worried that it was going to be too hot, now I’m wearing all my winter clothes


I took two cameras this time, my M6 with the 35mm and the Rolleiflex.

The M6, that was used in this post, was loaded with Ilford HP5, which I pushed to 800 to get more contrast.


Im really happy with the way the contrast turned out with the pushed film. The Cloisters is already a very dramatic place just due to its architecture, and the contrast adds even more to it.


It really does feel like you’ve left New York to a faraway land. Even if it is somewhat inauthentic, its a great place to visit if you want to escape the insanity of the city.

Just be careful not to go at a busy time if you want tourist-free shots in your camera


Places like the Cloisters, that provide so many opportunities to shoot high-contrast situations are great for B+W, but it would be a shame not to capture the beautiful colors, so I loaded Portra 400 on the Rollei.

The Cloisters is a property of the Metropolitan Museum, and they were hosting the very popular Heavenly Bodies exhibit, apparently it was the most visited exhibit in the history of the museum


It was great to have these “models” to shoot, it adds to the overall creepiness factor too haha


Outside of the museum itself is a really beautiful garden area with a big arch that really looks like it belongs in a Game of Thrones set


I took a lot more pictures of this area on medium format (that post is coming next week) but its a really great place to visit if you are looking to shoot portraits with a cool background


I’m so impressed with how HP5 handled the push. It added a lot of contrast like I expected but without crushing the shadows or highlights. I would be happy to shoot this film at 800 for most lighting situations.

You already know what to expect for next week, 6x6 frames and lots of color!

Have you been to a place that inspired you to shoot recently?

Thank you to all readers (old and new) for stopping by!

Talk to you next week,