Ricardo Kalaidjian



The day is finally here.

I’ve been wanting to shoot this film ever since the day Kodak announced its return.


I’ve been a big fan of Slide film (E-6) ever since I shot Fujifilm Provia.

E-6 is known for its very low and unforgiving exposure latitude, which means its going to have a lot of contrast and saturation.


Grain is basically non-existent unless you want to go purposely looking for it.

There are only two other Slide films that I have shot in the past, Provia and Velvia from Fujifilm. E100 has some characteristics from each


E100 Maintains the mainly neutral colors of Provia but has a narrower exposure latitude like Velvia. Overall its a really cool look that isn’t so extreme as to keep you from shooting normal snapshots with it like Velvia would be, but still has that undeniable Slide look.


Give it plenty of light and the film opens up the contrast and exposure latitude, but its still an emulsion that requires the photographer to be very comfortable with shooting film


With every film that I shoot I tend to err on the side of under-exposure. With slide film you have to be very careful so as not to completely lose all detail in the shadow, but in my opinion it is much better than what will happen if you let the highlights go wild

You can (easily) over do it though


Unlike negative film, that under-exposed will bring out the grain, slide film will just go straight to black.

It makes for some very dramatic shots, but isn’t the best thing if you need a reliable go-to film

I’m so glad Ektachrome is back! It was worth the wait

I’m going to start shooting more E-6 and maybe even do a head-to-head with Provia, let me know if that’s something you would be interested in


I have something a bit different planned for next week, I went on a day-trip recently and brought the Rolleiflex along with me (if you follow me on Instagram you may have an idea where I went)

Talk to you then!