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This week I went down to the Oculus to test out FP4, Ilford’s 125 speed film.


Slower films are great for architecture, the resolution is usually higher, there is less grain, and usually more contrast


It’s usually a good idea to bring a tripod if you want to shoot indoors, not all buildings are as bright as the Oculus. But you can use the shallow depth of field to your advantage sometimes. It’s important to think of the layers of a photograph, having a dimension is almost always a good thing


Ever since I started this blog it’s been challenging to come up with new locations to shoot in every week. I think its a great exercise to go to places you’ve been to before and try to find alternative angles and compositions


Large-scale architectural buildings like the Oculus are great for wide-angle lenses, because they allow you to fit more into the frame. Longer lenses are great for picking out details in the building, and definitely has a place in architectural photography, but there is something dramatic about wide open spaces


The last 5 rolls I’ve shot have been B&W and I’m still struggling to see the world in those tones. It really changes my whole approach to photography, a big part of learning good habits is to really analyze your work after you shoot it, don’t just grab the crowd-pleaser and put it on Instagram

This enviornment is not friendly to over/under exposure and FP4 did really well. Lower speed films tend to have higher contrast, and this one does too, but it was really easy to shoot with. Highlights look great (as Ilford is known to do) but blacks are really dark too. The Oculus might not represent your average shooting location but FP4 did great!


I’ll be doing another post on FP4 out in real-world conditions, the Oculus is one of my favorite places to shoot in the city but I want to see how this film performs on the street because I really like the results

What are some of your favorite locations to shoot in? I would love suggestions in the NYC area :)


So far its 2 for 2 with the Ilford films.. I’ve been really happy with the results

Next week its going to be PAN F 50, a “Slow Speed/High Contrast” film

Should be good!

Talk to you then,